Applying for Early Termination

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If you are in need of an order terminating the agreement early you must convince the Tribunal that your reason is serious enough to justify early termination.

If the reason for your application is:


  • Financial
  • Income details
  • Bank statements
  • Outstanding bills or other debts owed


  • If relevant, doctor’s letter stating medical conditions and how these are affected by this tenancy, or similar letter from social worker, counsellor or other professional who has knowledge of your situation


  • Letter terminating employment
  • Letter advising of interstate transfer

If the reason for your application is a breach by the landlord:

  • Evidence of the breach – for example, a report from an electrician stating that the wiring is dangerous; or a witness statement that the landlord let himself
    into your house while you were out; or a statement from a locksmith that the front door lock does not work;
  • Evidence of why the breach is serious enough that you need to end the tenancy – for example, letter from a relevant professional stating how the invasion of your privacy or the threat to your security has affected you; or a police report of a break-in; or a doctor’s letter stating that the lack of heating has had a seriously adverse effect on your health;
  • Photographs that identify the premises,
    the problem and, if relevant, the date.

Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of ACT

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