Bond - Claiming the Refund

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You and the landlord/agent can both sign the ‘Refund of Bond’ form. You should then take the signed form to the ORB and receive a cheque for the agreed amount immediately. It can be lodged by post or fax. The claim will be processed within 3- 4 working days, and a refund cheque sent by post or by electronic funds transfer straight into your bank account.


Even if you have a verbal agreement with the landlord/agent, insist on the amounts and details being included on the form before you sign it.

If there is a dispute you can always lodge a Refund of Bond form without your landlord/ agent signing off on it.

If you don’t agree that you are liable for alleged damage, you can still claim the amount you think is relevant, sign the claim form and lodge it with the ORB without the landlord's signature.

The ORB notifies the landlord/agent that they have received a claim for the bond. The landlord/agent has 10 working days to dispute this claim. If they don’t dispute your claim within that time your bond will be released to you.

If they dispute your claim, the disputed amount is withheld by the ORB, and any undisputed amount returned to you. The matter will then be listed for a conference at the ACAT. At the conference a facilitator will try to assist both parties to reach a negotiated outcome, but only orders that both parties agree to
can be made at the conference. If an agreement can not be reached at conference then the matter will proceed to an ACAT hearing where binding orders will be made by a Tribunal Member.

It is worthwhile to write to the landlord/agent when you lodge your claim, advising them of your actions and stating why you are not legally liable for the damages they are claiming (sign, date and keep a copy of the letter). This may be enough to deter them from disputing your claim.

Bond forms are available from the Office of Regulatory Services website noted below.

This is a summary of your rights and responsibilities. If you have a specific problem, you should seek detailed advice.


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