Bond - How is Bond Lodged?

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If your landlord or their agent requires a bond, you can pay it directly to them (cl 20(a) STT). A receipt must be provided.

If you pay your bond directly to a landlord, they have 2 weeks to lodge the money with the Office of Rental Bonds (ORB) (cl 20(c) STT). If you pay it to a real estate agent they have 4 weeks to lodge it. You can lodge the money yourself, although the landlord/agent can refuse you possession of the premises until you produce evidence that you have lodged the it with the ORB (s 24 RTA and cl 19 STT).

The bond should be lodged in the names of all tenants who paid a proportion of it. The ORB will provide a receipt. If you don’t receive a receipt within a few weeks contact ORB to check that it was lodged.

If the landlord/agent hasn’t lodged the bond you can apply to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) for an order requiring them to lodge it. The landlord can also face a maximum penalty of $2000 for failure to lodge it (RTA s 23(3)).

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