Defending an Eviction - Why am I being Evicted?

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The very first step a landlord must take if they want to evict a tenant is to give them a valid written notice to vacate, stating the reason or ground for terminating the tenancy. However in a ’no grounds’ notice to vacate, the landlord is not required to give a reason for ending the tenancy outside the fixed term, but 26 weeks written notice must be provided. For details about the eviction processes see Tenancy Factsheet: Eviction in the ACT.

The grounds specified in a notice to vacate may be a breach of the tenancy agreement or may be some other reason. A common breach is where the tenant is behind in the rent (this is called ‘rent arrears’ — see Tenancy Factsheet: Rent Arrears).

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Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of ACT

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