Making a Complaint about your Real Estate Agent - Going to the Tribunal before making a complaint to OFT

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The OFT is more likely to act on your complaint if you have written evidence that your agent breached the rules of conduct. Orders from the Tribunal would be
persuasive evidence. So, if you are going to the Tribunal for other orders, you can explain that you want to make a complaint to the OFT and you want the Tribunal to address specific questions and include the answers as “findings” in their written orders. The Tribunal won’t do this unless you ask them to—make sure they understand.

Examples of relevant questions are:

  • Did the agent access the premises unlawfully and was the landlord ordered to pay compensation for it?
  • Did you have to pay the fee that the agent said you had to pay?
  • Did you have to do a certain thing (eg: sign a clause, keep paying rent after you moved out, allow extra access) which the agent said you had to do?
  • Did the landlord have to do repairs which the agent said they didn’t have to do?

The Office of Fair Trading
The OFT has a complaints process that is open to all consumers, including tenants.

The Advice and Complaints Unit can be contacted on 6207 0400
from 8:30am to 4:30pm Mon - Fri.

ACT 2601
For more information and other contact details, go to:


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