Repairs - Can I withhold rent?

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As a tenant you must never just stop paying rent! Even if the landlord fails to carry out repairs, your obligation to pay rent continues and you risk eviction if you fall into arrears. HOWEVER, you can seek to pay all or part of rent money into ACAT until the work is carried out. You can ONLY do this if you get orders from ACAT FIRST:

Sections 83 (b) and 83 (g) of the RTA states that ACAT may make orders:
(b) requiring performance of a residential tenancyagreement;
(g) requiring payment of all or part of the rent payable under the standard residential tenancy terms or standard occupancy terms into the ACAT until the ACAT orders otherwise.

Hopefully the prospect of ACAT making such an order will persuade the landlord to make the repairs.


Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of ACT

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