Repairs - Urgent repairs

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Urgent repairs are those that have an immediate and significant effect or impact on the tenant’s ability to live in, or use, the premises.

Urgent Repairs:
In recognition of the need for some repairs to be made within a very short time frame, the standard terms (cl 60) include the following list of urgent repairs (note
that this is not an exhaustive list):
(a) A burst water service;
(b) A blocked or broken lavatory system;
(c) A serious roof leak;
(d) A gas leak;
(e) Dangerous electrical fault;
(f) Flooding or serious flood damage;
(g) Serious storm or fire damage;
(h) A failure of gas, electricity or water supply to the premises;
(i) The failure of a refrigerator supplied with the premises;
(j) The failure or breakdown of any service essential for hot water, cooking, heating or laundering;
(k) A fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or insecure;
(l) A fault or damage likely to cause injury to person or property;
(m) A serious fault in any door, staircase, lift or other common area which inhibits or unduly inconveniences the tenant in gaining access to or use of the premises.

In these cases the landlord is required to carry out repairs as ‘soon as necessary’, having regard to the nature of the problem (cl 59).


Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of ACT

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