Tenants' Advice Service

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The Tenants' Advice Service (TAS) is operated by the Tenants’ Union ACT and provides free legal advice to ACT tenants and occupants. It is funded from interest earned on rental bonds lodged with the Office of

Rental Bonds.
The Tenants’ Advice Service is a call-back service. To request legal advice, leave your name and number on 6247 2011. Before you call, please check whether the information you need is on our website:

Due to high demand, it may be a few days before we can return your call. Our website contains our Factsheets, as well as a searchable database of Frequently Asked Questions and Sample Letters. You can order copies of our publications using the order form on our website, or by calling our admin number: 6247 1026

Tenants' Advice Service 6247 2011 free legal advice for all ACT renters (tenants and occupants)
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Tenants' Union (ACT) 6247 1026 publications, information, workshops, law reform and
www.tenantsact.org.au news on renting issues

Welfare Rights and Legal Centre 6247 2177 free legal advice and assistance for low income tenants

Office of Regulatory Services (Bonds) 6207 1178 bond lodgement, return and inquiries
(Fair Trading) 6207 0400 complaints against real estate agents

ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal 6207 1740 dispute resolution and enforcement of tenancy legislation

Housing ACT information line 6207 1150 ACT public housing enquiries


Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of ACT

Further information and advice for ACT tenants can be sourced from