What should I do if I am in rent arrears? - ACT Civil and administrative tribunal - What orders can the Tribunal make?

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  • Be at the Tribunal at the right time / the right day;
  • Be prepared - have a list of points you want to get across to the Tribunal Member: how/why you got behind in the rent, what steps you have taken, and what you propose for the future;
  • Have ready and in good order any documents you want to show the Member;
  • Keep cool and be courteous, no matter what the landlord, agent or Tribunal Member says.

What orders can the Tribunal make?

The Tribunal has 3 options:

  • To dismiss the landlord’s application - for example, on the basis that there were no arrears or that the arrears have been made up;
  • To end your tenancy unconditionally on a specified day - it could be that very day; or you could be given up to 21 days to move out;
  • To make a conditional termination order, which means that the tenancy will continue on certain conditions (usually that you make up the arrears by a certain date and pay on time in the future).

If orders are made that end your tenancy and you do not vacate by the due date, the landlord can request a warrant (unless the Tribunal has already declared that the termination order itself will have the effect of a warrant), giving the police the power to evict you.

Except in exceptional circumstances (see Section 40 RTA) the police must give you at least 2 days notice of the eviction day.

If you leave the Tribunal with conditional orders, you have been given a chance to keep your tenancy.

However, if you fail to abide by the orders, the landlord can apply for a warrant for eviction.

The matter will then be listed for hearing within 1 week. If you think you have not breached the orders, or you have a significant excuse for the breach, you can present your defence at the hearing. Otherwise, the Tribunal will issue the warrant for eviction.

See also: Tribunal (ACAT) General Information and Evidence Checklist for the Tribunal on our website.

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