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Some tenancy agreements have an additional term that says you must have the landlord’s consent before you can keep a pet.

In strata schemes, some by-laws state that you also need to have written consent of the owners corporation. In some circumstances, an adjudicator and/or the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal can make an order that the owners corporation has unreasonably withheld its approval to keep a pet.

Even if you have the consent of the landlord and the owners corporation, any other occupier can apply for an order to remove a pet on the grounds that it is causing a nuisance. By-laws cannot prevent you having a guide dog or hearing dog.

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Further Information and contacts

  • NSW Land & Property Management Authority: phone 1300 052 637,
  • NSW Fair Trading website: (under ‘Tenants & home owners’ > ‘Strata schemes’)
  • Mediation Services Unit (NSW Fair Trading): phone 9338 7900 or free call 1800 451 431
  • Community Justice Centres: free call 1800 990 777 or TTY 1800 671 964
  • Community Legal Centres: phone 9212 7333,


Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of NSW

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