Your Obligations under the Act

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  • To fill out the condition report and give the landlord/agent a copy within 7 days.
  • To pay rent on time.
  • To care for the premises.
  • To pay for any damage caused by you or your guests.
  • To report the need for any repairs or maintenance.
  • Not to make alterations or additions without the landlord’s permission.
  • Not to alter, remove or add a lock or security device without the landlord’s consent (except in certain domestic violence situations).
  • Not to use or permit the premises to be used for an illegal purpose.
  • Not to cause or permit a nuisance.
  • Not to interfere with the peace, comfort or privacy of neighbours.
  • To give correct written notice when you leave.
  • To leave the premises in a similar condition to when you rented them, except for normal wear and tear.


Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of NSW

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