Abandoned goods

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This section does not apply to goods that are perishable or that are of a value less than the fair estimate of their removal and sale. In such cases the landlord may remove, destroy or dispose of such goods.

If goods are left at premises at the end of a tenancy the landlord must store the goods in a safe place and manner until they are reclaimed by the owner. Within 14 days of storing the goods, the landlord must send a notice to the tenant in the prescribed form (or to another person who may have an interest in the goods).

The landlord must also publish, in a newspaper that circulates throughout the Northern Territory, a notice in the prescribed form regarding the storage of the goods. A fact sheet with examples of the prescribed form can be obtained from Consumer Affairs. PENALTY OF UP TO $2 200

Any person entitled to possession of the goods may reclaim the goods by paying to the landlord:

  • the reasonable cost of their removal and storage; and
  • the cost of publishing the newspaper notice.

If the goods are not reclaimed within 30 days the landlord must sell the goods at public auction. PENALTY OF UP TO $2 200 From the sale proceeds, the landlord can retain any costs set out above as well as the cost of selling the goods and any amounts owed to the landlord under the tenancy agreement.

Any amounts left over must be returned to the owner of the goods or if their identity and address are not known the amount left over must be paid to the Commissioner.

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