Ending a tenancy agreement - The end of a fixed term tenancy

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If the tenant or the landlord wishes to end the tenancy at the end of the fixed term either must give the other notice of termination, in writing, at least 14 days prior to the end of the fixed term.

The notice must be in accordance with section 101 of the Act. If a fixed term agreement is not terminated by either the landlord or the tenant at the end of the agreed term, the tenancy continues as a periodic agreement.

NOTE - these provisions do not give the landlord or the tenant the right to terminate a fixed term tenancy during the period of the tenancy ie. 14 day notice can only be given to terminate the tenancy on the last day specified in the agreement.

Should either a landlord or tenant wish to terminate a fixed term agreement prior to the end they should contact their legal advisor, Consumer Affairs or the Tenant’s Advice Service before taking any action.

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