Landlords responsibilities

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The landlord must ensure that the premises and ancillary property are habitable and meet all relevant health and safety requirements.

The landlord must also:

  • ensure the premises are reasonably clean and in a reasonable state of repair when the tenancy commences;
  • maintain the premises and ancillary property in a reasonable state of repair;
  • ensure there are sufficient locks or security devices; and
  • take reasonable steps to provide and maintain locks and other security devices that are necessary to ensure the premises and ancillary property are reasonably secure.

The landlord must not cause interference with the reasonable peace and privacy of a tenant in the tenant's use of the premises (except in accordance with the Act) or force or attempt to force the tenant to vacate the premises except in accordance with the Act.

The landlord must not, without reasonable excuse, alter, remove or add a lock or security device without the consent of the tenant. PENALTY OF UP TO $11 000

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