Paying rent - Keeping records

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Keeping records

A tenant should keep all records/receipts for rent in a safe place as they are proof that rent was paid. The details of how, where and how often the rent will be paid must be in the tenancy agreement.

If rent is paid in cash, the landlord must immediately provide a receipt. If rent is paid by cheque, the landlord must give the tenant a receipt within three days of the tenant requesting one.

If rent is paid by direct credit into the landlord's account, the landlord is not required to provide a receipt. PENALTY OF UP TO $2200

The landlord must keep a written record (which may be in an electronic form) of each instalment of rent received. The landlord must at the request of a tenant, permit the tenant to examine the record of rent received. PENALTY OF UP TO $2 200

The landlord, or any other person,must not make a false entry of a record of rent received or falsify the record in any other way. PENALTY OF UP TO $11 000  A landlord cannot require a tenant to pay rent in advance of more than one rental period. PENALTY OF UP TO $2 200

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