The outgoing condition report

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Important: if the landlord does not complete an ingoing condition report and comply with Part 5 of the Act, and complete an outgoing condition report and comply with Part 12 of the Act, then no claim can be made against the security deposit at the end of the tenancy for cleaning, damages or lost ancillary property.

Within three days of the tenant giving up vacant possession of the premises, the landlord should provide a copy of a completed outgoing condition report to the tenant.

The condition report must be completed in the presence of the tenant (unless it is not practical to do so, or the tenant does not appear at the agreed time).
The tenant may accept the report by signing and returning it to the landlord.

If a dispute occurs over the contents of the condition report which has not been resolved within 7 business days, either party may refer the matter to the Commissioner.

Within 3 days of vacant possession, the landlord may complete & sign the outgoing condition report and give a copy to the tenant, who may Accept Refuse

Sign and return to the landlord if the parties are unable to agree on the contents of the condition report then refuse to accept

If not accepted within 7 business days of being given to the tenant, either party may apply to the Commissioner

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