Bond - If you dispute the claim

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If the lessor, agent or provider wants to claim all or part of your bond, and you do not agree, you should fill in your own Refund of Rental Bond and lodge it with the RTA as soon as possible.

You should also contact the lessor, agent or provider to seek details about their claim and try to negotiate an agreement. If you later reach an agreement about the bond, you can both fill in and sign a new Refund of Rental Bond form to immediately release the bond.

If you receive a Notice of Claim from the RTA, it means that the lessor, agent or provider has already lodged a claim against your bond. To dispute this claim it is important to act quickly and send a Dispute Resolution Request form to the RTA before the due date.

Contact a tenant advice service if you need help. If the RTA cannot assist you and your former lessor, agent or provider to reach an agreement, the RTA will send you a Notice of Unresolved Dispute.


To proceed with the bond dispute you must apply to the Tribunal for a tenancy hearing within seven days. At the hearing the Tribunal will examine the evidence and make a final decision about the bond refund. If you do not apply to the Tribunal within seven days the RTA will automatically release your bond according to the claim lodged by the other party

Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA)

The RTA is the government authority that oversees renting laws in Queensland. The RTA provides information and services for tenants, lessors, agents, providers and residents. RTA forms are available from Australia Post Offi ces, online at or Ph: 1300 366 311

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