Bond - Shared

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If you are renting with other co-tenants, you will all need to sign the Bond Lodgement form with the agent or lessor. The form can show how much each person contributes to the bond.

The person you pay the bond to should complete a Bond Lodgement form with you and must lodge the form and your bond money with the RTA within 10 days. The Bond Lodgement form records your signature and the amount of bond you have paid.

When the RTA receives your bond they will send you an official receipt with your bond lodgement number. During a shared tenancy if there is a change in the people who contribute to the bond, you can use a Change of Shared Bond Arrangement form to notify the RTA of the change, as long as one of the original contributors remains.

You can ring the RTA on 1300 366 311 to see if your bond is lodged or check details about your bond refund.


Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of Queensland Inc

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