Bond Disputes

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If you and the lessor, agent or provider cannot agree on how the bond should be refunded, either of you can complete and sign your own Refund of Rental Bond form and lodge it directly with the RTA. This is called a ‘disputed’ bond claim.

You can lodge a disputed bond claim with the RTA in person or by mail. You cannot lodge it at Australia Post. Remember to keep a copy for your records. The RTA cannot process a disputed bond claim until after the tenancy ends. If the RTA receives a Refund of Rental Bond form that has not been signed by all parties it will send the other parties:

  • A Notice of Claim.
  • A cheque for any undisputed amount.
  • A Dispute Resolution Request form.

The RTA will release any undisputed part of the bond immediately and will hold the disputed part of the bond until the dispute is resolved.

Bond disputes often arise at the end of a tenancy. Tenancy documents, your Entry and Exit Condition Reports, receipts and photos can provide important evidence if there is a dispute.

Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA)

The RTA is the government authority that oversees renting laws in Queensland. The RTA provides information and services for tenants, lessors, agents, providers and residents. RTA forms are available from Australia Post Offi ces, online at or Ph: 1300 366 311


Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of Queensland Inc

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