Condition Report - Exit

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When you move out, you are responsible for leaving the property in a similar condition to when you moved in (reasonable wear and tear excepted).

Use an Exit Condition Report form to record the condition of the premises when you leave (this does not apply in rooming accommodation but is useful).

You must complete and sign the form, and provide a copy to the lessor or agent as soon as practicable when you move out.

You must also return the keys as soon as possible when you move out. When you give the lessor or agent a copy of the Exit Condition Report they have three business days to inspect the premises, add their comments and send you a copy of the completed form at the forwarding address you included on the form.

Keep a copy of the Exit Condition Report for your records. Your completed Exit Condition Report and photos of the premises can provide important evidence if there is a dispute over the refund of your rental bond. At the end of your tenancy you can use a Refund of Rental Bond form to apply to the RTA for a refund of your bond.


Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of Queensland Inc

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