Condition Report - Filling In

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The Entry Condition Report records the condition of the premises when you move in.

When you move out you will need to leave the premises in a similar condition (fair wear and tear excepted). Therefore it is important to include your comments on the form.

The Entry Condition Report provides valuable evidence if you have a dispute with the lessor, agent or provider regarding the condition of the premises during the tenancy, or when you move out. When you fill in the form, inspect the premises carefully. Check that things are working before you say they are. Test things like ovens, stove hotplates, dishwashers and lights.

Note the condition of the carpet, flooring, curtains, blinds, walls and windows and the standard of the garden and exterior of the premises. If you disagree with anything the lessor, agent or provider has written, you should write your own comments in the ‘tenant’ or ‘resident’ column. If you don’t have enough room, write your comments on a separate piece of paper. Sign and date each additional page and attach them to the form.


Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of Queensland Inc

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