Ending your agreement

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  • If you want to move out, you must give your lessor, agent or provider written notice – for more information see the You Want to Leave Tenancy Facts.
  • If your lessor, agent or provider wants to end your agreement, they must give you written notice – see the Lessor Ends Your Tenancy Tenancy Facts.
  • If you receive a Notice to Leave but fail to leave by the handover day, the lessor or agent cannot self-evict you but must apply to the Tribunal for an order to remove you from the premises (this does not apply in rooming accommodation).
  • In certain circumstances, you or the lessor can apply directly to the Tribunal for an urgent order to terminate the tenancy.
  • When you move out, you must leave the premises clean and in a similar condition to when you moved in.
  • You are not responsible for fair wear and tear of the premises. The lessor or provider is responsible for this.
  • When you move out, you can use a Refund of Rental Bond form to apply to the RTA for a refund of your bond money.


Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of Queensland Inc

Further information and advice for Queensland tenants can be sourced from www.tuq.org.au