Going to the Tribunal

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If the RTA Dispute Resolution Service cannot assist you to reach an agreement, they will issue a Notice of Unresolved Dispute.

You can then apply to the Tribunal for a non-urgent tenancy hearing and seek an order about the dispute. In residential tenancies, tenants can apply directly to the Tribunal for an urgent hearing about the repairs, if the repairs are “emergency repairs” or if the failure to do the repairs affects tenant health or safety.

In a fixed term residential tenancy agreement if the lessor or agent fails to remedy a breach by the due date on a Notice to Remedy Breach form, tenants have the option to apply to the Tribunal for an urgent hearing to terminate the tenancy due to the lessor's unremedied breach of the agreement. If you need assistance to apply to the Tribunal for a tenancy hearing contact a tenant advice service.


Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of Queensland Inc

Further information and advice for Queensland tenants can be sourced from www.tenantsqld.org.au