If there is a Breach of the Agreement

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If the lessor, agent or provider has breached their obligations under the agreement, or failed to meet their responsibilities under the Act, you can give them a Notice to Remedy Breach, which asks them to fix the problem by the due date on the form.

Keep a copy for your records. This form is useful evidence if you have to apply to the Tribunal for a decision about the breach. Your Notice must give the lessor, agent or provider the correct amount of time to remedy the breach.

  • Give 7 days notice in general tenancies and moveable dwellings.
  • Give 5 days notice in rooming accommodation.

If you send the Notice by mail, add two business days to the notice period to allow for delivery (or longer if you live in a rural area).

If you have a dispute with the lessor, agent or provider and you reach an agreement to solve the problem, put the agreement in writing.

Make sure all parties sign the agreement and keep a copy as evidence. Remember that any agreement you make with the lessor, agent or provider must not contradict the Act. If you cannot reach an agreement, you can seek assistance from the RTA Dispute Resolution Service or apply to the Tribunal for a tenancy hearing.


Information supplied courtesy of the Tenants Union of Queensland Inc

Further information and advice for Queensland tenants can be sourced from www.tuq.org.au