You want to leave - If you abandon the premises

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If you have a residential tenancy agreement and move out without giving a notice to end the agreement, you are abandoning the premises. If this happens, the lessor or agent can take steps to terminate the agreement.

If a lessor or agent believes that you have abandoned the premises, they can either deliver an Abandonment Termination Notice to the premises or apply directly to the Tribunal for an urgent order declaring that the premises are abandoned.

If you receive an Abandonment Termination Notice and disagree with the notice, you must respond within seven days. If you do not respond within seven days, the premises are taken to be abandoned.

If you have not abandoned the premises, you can apply to the Tribunal to dispute the abandonment notice. If the Tribunal has made an abandonment order, you can also apply to the Tribunal for a review of the order.

In both instances, you must lodge your application within 28 days. If you abandon the premises, the lessor can apply to the Tribunal to claim compensation from you for any costs they incur because of your abandonment.

If you abandon the premises and the amount you owe is greater than the bond, this is grounds for the lessor to list your details on a ‘bad tenant’ database.

If you have a tenancy problem, seek advice from a tenant advice service.

Tenant advice service
Statewide: 1300 744 263
9am–4pm Mon–Fri and till 7pm Tue and Wed
Fraser Coast: 9am–1pm Mon–Fri
North Qld: 2pm–5pm Tue and Thur
(Note: Tenants calling from Fraser Coast or North Queensland
will be put through to those offi ces during listed advice hours)