Bond Lodgement

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A tenant must lodge and pay the bond to MyBond along with the required forms. How a tenant lodges a bond depends on whether they are renting through an

a) agent or

b) landlord.

a) If you are leasing through an AGENT you can provide the bond to them and they must lodge it with MyBond within 3 working days.
Many agents are connected to MyBond via computer and can issue a receipt immediately.

b) If you are leasing through a private LANDLORD, you do NOT pay a bond directly to them.

As a tenant you must be provided with a Bond Lodgement Form signed by the landlord. This must state the amount of the bond. This form is to accompany the lodgement of the bond and must be signed by everyone who contributed to the bond (including Colony 47, Anglicare and joint tenants, if applicable).

Payments and lodgements are to be made at any Service Tasmania shop throughout the state. Alternatively a bank cheque or money order can be posted to the Rental deposit Authority at the following address:

Rental Deposit Authority

GPO Box 1244 Hobart Tasmania 7001

Upon lodging the bond, you will receive several receipts. One of these must be returned to the landlord before gaining possession of the property (Note that it will take longer to get a bond receipt via post).

It is important that you keep the receipt as it contains a bond number that you will need when claiming the bond back. MyBond holds the money until the end of the tenancy. They do not pay interest on the bonds being held.