Can I dispute the Amount of Bond Returned?

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If you disagree with the amount of bond returned to you, you should try and resolve the matter with the landlord / agent. If this fails you may apply to the Residential Tenancy Commissioner (Commissioner) to determine the dispute.

To make an application to the Commissioner, you must fill in the Bond Dispute Form, which you can get by calling the Tenants’ Union or via the Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading website. The application must be made within 60 days of your tenancy ending.

Once the Commissioner receives your application, s/he will require the other party (landlord or agent) to lodge with him/her the balance of the bond not paid to you. The landlord / agent may also provide the Commissioner with evidence to support their decision not to return the bond.

The Commissioner cannot make a determination until at least 7 days have elapsed since contacting the landlord / agent. If you are not happy with the determination made by the Commissioner you can appeal to the Magistrates Court within 7 days of the Commissioner’s determination.