Claiming the Bond

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At the end of a tenancy any person who has contributed to a bond and who has signed the bond forms is entitled to make a claim on the bond.

The landlord/agent must provide the tenant with a signed claim form within 3 days of the end of the lease. If all parties agree to this and sign the claim form MyBond will pay out the bond as soon as possible in the proportions agreed to on the Claim form.

A landlord/owner may lodge a Claim Form without the tenants’ signature. You have 10 days from receiving written notification from MyBond of this Claim to lodge a Dispute form.

The landlord/agent must provide evidence to support any claim against the bond such as photos, receipts, condition reports or rental ledgers. It is essential that you provide MyBond with updated contact details upon the end of your tenancy to ensure you are able to dispute the matter within the required 10 days.

A tenant may lodge a Claim Form without the signature of the landlord/agent if they have not received a signed Claim Form from the landlord/agent within three days of leaving the premises.

Bond disputes are decided by the Residential Tenancy Commissioner. To dispute a claim against the bond you must obtain a Dispute Form from or Service Tasmania.

You should include any information that supports your claim such as photos, receipts, condition reports, invoices and correspondence. Once you have received a formal copy of the decision you have 7 days to appeal the matter to the Magistrates Court. A Claim on the bond can also be made by a person or organisation who contributed to the bond.