Leaving leases early - Agents and Advertising Fees

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If you rent with an agent they may have procedures to find new tenants – but be aware that the costs may eventually be borne by you. We suggest that you tell the landlord/agent that you are moving out as soon as possible, preferably before you move out, in order to reduce costs.

One thing that agents may not tell you is that you are only responsible for any fees and advertising on a pro-rata basis. This means that if you have 3 months left on a 12 month lease, you should only be charged for a quarter of the fees because you have a quarter of the lease to go.

Please note that an agent or landlord cannot charge a break lease fee – any charges must be clearly itemised costs eg. advertising costs, cost of a new lease etc. A landlord/agent cannot financially profit from break lease costs.

Keep an eye on newspapers and the internet to make sure that the landlord/agent is advertising the property sufficiently, and that they are offering the property for the same rent and with the same conditions as you had with them.