Repairs and maintenance - 3. General Repairs

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General repairs are repairs that are required to fix relatively minor damage.

That is, they are not as serious as urgent or emergency repairs. A tenant is required to inform their landlord/agent of the need for any repairs within 7 days of that need arising.

The landlord/agent is then required to carry out the repairs within 28 days (or in the case of boarding houses, 7 days). However, the landlord/agent is only required to repair problems that are not the fault of the tenant.

When requesting repairs and maintenance it is always best to do so in writing. The 'Tenants’ Union can provide tenants with a Notice for Repairs form that they can send to their landlord/agent.

This form can also be found in the factsheets section of our website. If you want to do the repairs yourself, you must get the permission of the