Repairs and maintenance - What Can I do if a Landlord/Agent will not do Repairs?

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Option 1:

As detailed above, in the case of urgent and emergency repairs a tenant may be able to authorise a repairer to fix the problem. With general repairs, it is a good
idea to talk to the landlord/agent and remind them that there is an issue that needs to be fixed.

Option 2:

Under the Act a tenant may apply to the Magistrates Court for an order that the landlord/agent carry out repairs that do not arise from the fault of the tenant. For information about, and assistance with filing a claim in the Magistrates Court you should contact the 'Tenants’ Union.

Option 3:

If a landlord/agent does not carry out general repairs within 28 days of being notified or within a practicable time for urgent and emergency repairs, you may serve a Notice to Terminate, to end your agreement.

A Notice to Terminate must give at least 14 clear days notice and also comply with certain formalities under the Act in order to be valid, so if you are considering serving a Notice to Terminate it may be a good idea to contact the Tenants’ Union for assistance.