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In most circumstances, bonds are held with the Rental Deposit Authority (RDA) not the landlord. The maximum bond allowable is 4 times the weekly rent. Bond is to not be charged for boarding premises. For tenants finding it difficult to raise the bond, assistance is available (see Below).

If you are renting from an agent, you can pay the bond directly to them and they will lodge it with the RDA. Otherwise tenants need to get a Bond Lodgement form signed by the landlord and take it with the bond amount to a Service Tasmania branch or post it to: Rental Deposit Authority, GPO Box 1244, Hobart TAS 7001. You will receive a receipt that is often required to be shown to the landlord in order to get access to your property.

Transferring a Bond

Tenants moving in or out may need to fill out a Tenant Transfer Form. Generally incoming tenants lodge the form with the RDA through Service Tasmania and pay their bond to the outgoing tenant.

The following organisations offer bond and rent assistance for tenants on low incomes.

Colony 47 CA$H
466 Elizabeth St Hobart
6231 2182

122 Elizabeth St
6334 6060

2nd Floor Days Building Best St
6424 8581 Paying a Bond