Share House Living - Condition Report

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A condition report is evidence describing the condition of the property at the beginning of occupancy that can be relied upon to decide damage and bond disputes.

If a landlord/ agent requires a bond, they must provide two copies of a condition report stating the condition on or the day before the tenant occupies the premises.

You must return one signed copy to the landlord/agent within 2 days with any disagreements clearly noted. You should also take date-marked photos prior to moving in.

It is important that tenants check the property against what is marked on the condition report. If you do not agree then you may make your own comments. For example; Carpets not clean, finger marks on wall in lounge room, kitchen window cracked.

Tenants are required to leave the property in the same condition (except for reasonable wear and tear) as when you find it. If marks, cleanliness or damage is not marked on the condition report the tenant may be required to pay the landlord/agent the cost of ‘fixing’ the problem.