Share House Living - Rent

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Rent is required to be paid in advance during the term of the lease. In other words, you pay for time that you will be in the property, not the time you have already been in the property.

The amount you have to be in advance depends on your payment period which is how often you have to pay rent according to the lease. A payment period cannot exceed four weeks (or two weeks for boarding premises) and therefore it is against the Act to charge by the calendar month.

It is important in a share house to know that your rent has been paid. It is a good idea for each tenant to have a copy of the rent receipts.

When in a share house some decisions need to be made about the various amounts of rent each person pays. Some households have equal rent, some have a discount for small rooms or if a couple share a room, others have discounts for doing extra chores.

Be sure that all joint tenants are clear about their rent and where possible get it in writing.