Know Your Tenant Rights and Obligations

TenantHelp is a free service that has been put together by PropertyMyWay for tenants so as they can learn what their rights are when leasing a property, what to expect from their property managers, and most importantly what a tenants obligations are with looking after the property they are living in.

The TenantHelp website has been dedicated to tenants with one-stop easy access to information without searching through complicated and often misleading websites.

We hope this information is helpful and wish you a peaceful tenancy, 

Masters of Property PropertyMyWay.

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Each state in Australia has different legislation which makes it difficult for owners/landlords and tenants to understand their obligations and responsibilities. So please have a look at all the information in these pages and let us know what you think through Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

If there is some information that is incorrect or out of date, please let us know by sending us a pleasant message on Facebook. We’ll get it updated as soon as we can.

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