Reasonable Access

There are no clear rules as to what is ‘reasonable’.

Clause 79 specifies that reasonable regard should be given to the work and other commitments of both parties (or their agents).

Be prepared to assert your opinion about what is reasonable, as some fairly widespread practices by landlords and agents in the ACT are not always reasonable.

These practices include (but are not limited to):

  • Refusing to give notice of a specific time for entre and saying they will let themselves in;
  • Using their own key to show prospective purchasers through the premises; and
  • Advertising ‘open house’ exhibitions.

What is ‘reasonable access’ will depend on the circumstances of each situation.

What is reasonable in one situation may not be in another and vice versa.

It should be noted that the tenant ALWAYS retains the right to be present during an access period.
Remember, you are entitled to your privacy!