The Final Inspection

The final inspection takes place in the last month of your tenancy at a time agreed between you and your landlord/ agent. It is important that you attend this inspection.

Return all keys at the inspection and ask for a receipt. You may be held liable for rent and any damage while you retain access to the premises.

If your landlord/agent refuses to accept the keys, the safest method for returning them is by registered mail. Include a note stating the address of the rental premises you are leaving and the date you were last on the premise, as the tenancy ends on the date you vacate (cl 97(2) STT). Add that they refused to accept the keys.

A landlord/agent cannot add items that need repairing, restoring or cleaning after the final inspection has been conducted and you have vacated the premises and have nocontrol over what is happening there.

Despite what some agents claim, a landlord cannot do an inspection after you have vacated, if they want to do an inspection it has to be with you at the final inspection.

When you move out make sure the landlord /agent has your forwarding address and contact the ORB to confirm they also have your forwarding details.