The Tribunal Process

If the notice to vacate has expired and the tenant has not vacated the premises, the landlord must make an application to the tribunal for a termination and possession order if they want to have the tenant evicted.

When a landlord or agent has made an application to the Tribunal the Registrar of the Tribunal must send out a written notice of the time and place for the hearing to the parties concerned.

The tenant will receive a Notice of Hearing.
The Tribunal aims to have a turnaround of no more than 14 days for a matter. This means that once the tenant receives a “Notice of Hearing” they should act immediately. At this stage it is advisable to obtain advice from the Tenants’ Advice Service, Welfare Rights and Legal Centre or an independent solicitor, if this has not already been done. If you intend to challenge an eviction see the section: Defending an Eviction