What Is 'Rent Arrears'?

Your rent is in arrears when you are behind in your rent because you have not paid on the due date, or you have paid less than the amount due. HOWEVER, action cannot be taken by the landlord/ agent until rent has been due and unpaid for at least 7 days. (See Notice to Remedy later in this leaflet).

NOTE: Never withhold rent in an attempt to make the landlord do repairs or fulfil other obligations under your lease. You leave yourself vulnerable to eviction if you do this.

Instead, you can apply to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) for orders under sections 83(b) and 83(g) of the RTA that allow you to pay your rent to the Tribunal until the landlord undertakes repair work, but the Tribunal must make these orders first and then you must continue to pay your rent to the Tribunal. See Tenancy Factsheet: Repairs for further details.