How to add FAQ's to pages

Log into the WordPress site

Use the following link and then enter your username and password to enable editing the site


Clone the FAQ template to a new page

Got to ‘Pages” and find the template for the state you want to add a FAQ. In this example we’re adding a FAQ to the Victorian tenant help page.

Edit for the cloned page

Click on Edit for the cloned page so we can update the title and slug. 

The title of the page is to have the State and then the FAQ title. This is also the same for the slug. The title is to be capitalised while the slug is to be in lower case both with hyphens. The following example is for a FAQ for Victoria called Bond Money.


Then click on the Publish button (on the right) to make the page active.

Edit the page with Elementor

Once the page is published click on the “Edit with Elementor” to bring up the page editor for the new FAQ page.

Change the title of the page to the FAQ topic. This can be done in the widget edit box or directly into the Title

Copy the content from the html site including pictures etc 

Paste it into the text field of the widget including any pictures etc to the left of the state image. This is done in the widget edit box on the left so as the pictures and any content copies correctly into the page.

Update any links to the site. If the FAQ has not been completed please remember to go back and update once the FAQ has been created. In the example below it would update to

Review your work

Review your work by clicking on the Preview Changes icon which is located next to the Update button (bottom left). This will open in a new tab and you won’t lose any changes you’ve made. Update any corrections as needed.

Update page and return to Dashboard

Now click on Update button to save the changes, and then click on the hamburger menu and click on “Exit To Dashboard”. 



Return to view all the sites Pages

Click on the Pages link to return to the Pages listing in WordPress.

Now go to the State page and check that the link works for that FAQ and correct if necessary. 

This completes the update of a FAQ where the page has been created and tested to be working correctly.

The next topic can now be copied by repeating the steps for the next FAQ.