By-Laws and Rules

By-laws are the rules for managing the strata scheme. They are registered with the NSW Land & Property Management Authority. The landlord/agent must give you a copy of the owners corporation by-laws within 7 days of moving into the premises.

If not, they can be fined $110. Examples of by-laws are: ‘no pets on the premises’, ‘no access to rooftop after 10pm’, ‘no bicycles to be chained in the stairwell’, ‘all floors to have some form of carpet or floor covering’. Some owners corporations make ‘house rules’ which they expect all occupants to follow. However, if such rules are not registered as by-laws, they are not lawful.

Under the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996, the owners corporation can serve notices on owners or tenants to comply with a by-law. If the notice to comply is not followed, the owners corporation can apply for an order from the CTTT for a fine of $550 to be paid by the owner or tenant.

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Further Information and contacts

  • NSW Land & Property Management Authority: phone 1300 052 637,
  • NSW Fair Trading website: (under ‘Tenants & home owners’ > ‘Strata schemes’)
  • Mediation Services Unit (NSW Fair Trading): phone 9338 7900 or free call 1800 451 431 Community Justice Centres: free call 1800 990 777 or TTY 1800 671 964
  • Community Legal Centres: phone 9212 7333,