Condition Report

The landlord/agent must give you a condition report when you move in. The report describes the condition of the premises. It must be filled in by you and the landlord/agent at the start and the end of the tenancy.

The landlord/agent must give you 2 copies – one to return to them and one for you to keep. Complete and return the report within 7 days. If the landlord/agent does not give you a condition report, write a detailed report on the condition of the premises yourself and have a witness sign and date it.

Filling in the report

Inspect the premises and fill in the report carefully. The report will serve as evidence if the landlord/agent disputes the return of your bond at the end of the tenancy.

Take photographs of the condition of the premises – this can also help if there is a dispute. Common problems include cracked windows, grease on the stove, marks on walls and stains on carpets.

If the landlord agrees to undertake any cleaning, repairs, additions or other work, this should be written in the section ‘Landlord’s promise to undertake work’. If there is a dispute about the condition report, you (or the landlord/agent) can apply to the CTTT for an order to amend it.