Interference with Your Privacy

Examples of this include:

  • the landlord/agent coming to the premises for no reason and without notice
  • a tradesperson coming to do non-urgent repairs without proper notice
  • prospective buyers with a key to the premises coming around without notice or written consent from the landlord.

If your privacy is interfered with
Complain to the landlord/agent in writing and demand that they stop breaching the tenancy agreement. Keep a copy of the letter.

You can also:

Apply to the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal for orders

  • to stop the landlord/agent entering the premises (apply within 3 months of becoming aware of the landlord’s/agent’s breach)
  • to specify or limit the days and times on which, and purposes for which, the landlord/agent or other authorised person can enter (apply at any time during the tenancy)
  • for the landlord to carry out a term of your residential tenancy agreement(apply at any time during the tenancy)
  • to allow you to change the locks or refusethe landlord a key to the premises (see Factsheet 07: Locks and security)
  • to end your tenancy (see Factsheet 09: You want to leave)
  • for compensation for loss of or damage to your goods (apply within 3 months of becoming aware of the loss or damage)
  • report trespass to the police
  • report unlawful entry to NSW Fair Trading. (A landlord/agent can be fined up to $2,200.)

If your complaint is about a real estate agent, tell your landlord about the agent’s behaviour. You can also complain to NSW Fair Trading