Landlords Right to Enter the Premises

Other than as outlined below, the landlord/agent or another person authorised by the landlord must not enter the premises.

If the landlord/agent gives you the proper notice (if applicable) and has a legitimate purpose, you will be in breach of your tenancy agreement if you refuse them entry. This applies whether or not you are at the premises at the time.

Entry without consent – permitted frequencies and notice periods

Purpose: Maximum frequency Minimum notice
To inspect the premises 4 times in any 12-month period 7 days written notice each time to carry out or assess the need for:

  • repairs/maintenance (non-urgent)
  • work to meet statutory health/safety obligations (none – as required) 2 days each time
    To value the property 1 time in any 12-month period 7 days each time
    To show the premises to prospective tenants
    A ‘reasonable’ number of times in the 14 days before the tenancy agreement ends ‘Reasonable’ notice each time
    To show the premises to prospective buyers
    2 times in any period of a week
  • Before first showing: 14 days written notice of intention to sell, then
  • before each showing: as agreed, otherwise 48 hours each time