Limits to Entry Without Consent

The landlord/agent or another person authorised by the landlord must not:

  • enter before 8am or after 8pm
  • enter on a Sunday or public holiday
  • stay longer than necessary.

They must, if practicable, notify you of the proposed time and date of entry.
A person authorised by the landlord/agent must not enter without your consent when you are at the premises unless they have written consent from the landlord/agent. If you are at the premises, they must show you this consent.

Entry when you are not at the premises

If you cannot be there, try to arrange for someone to be there on your behalf. People entering the premises when you are not there may be a problem for your

Ask your insurance company about this. If your goods are stolen or damaged, you can apply to the CTTT for compensation. You must be able to
show that it was due to the conduct of the landlord/ agent or other authorised person.