Repairs - Repairs and Maintenance - Tenant's Obligations

Under the terms of the standard residential tenancy agreement, you agree:

  • To keep the premises ‘reasonably’ clean
  • To tell the landlord about any damage to the premises as soon as possible
  • To leave the premises as nearly as possible in the same condition to when they were let to you, except for fair wear and tear
  • Not to damage or let anyone damage the premises deliberately or negligently – you are responsible for damage by anyone on the premises with your consent
  • Not to add or remove any fixtures or do any renovations, alterations or additions to the premises without the landlord’s written consent (unless permitted under the tenancy agreement).

If you do not meet these obligations, the landlord may apply to the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT) for order/s that you comply with the tenancy agreement, to end your tenancy or for compensation.