Repairs - Repairs to Common Property

The owners corporation is required to properly maintain all areas of common property. This includes outside walls, shared laundries, stairwells, foyers, lifts and common parking and garden areas.

Repairs to individual flats are the landlord’s responsibility – see Factsheet: Repairs and maintenance. If a problem is clearly on common property, write to the owners corporation or their management agent and ask for repairs to be done immediately. Send a copy of the letter to your landlord (or their real estate agent). Ask the landlord to take action to make sure the owners corporation does the repairs. Keep copies of all letters.

If the landlord does not chase up the owners corporation to do common-property repairs, you can apply to the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT) for an order to have the repairs done. In your application you should argue that your landlord’s obligation to do repairs includes getting the owners corporation to do repairs.