Adding Fixtures

You can only attach fixtures or make structural changes to the premises if you have a written agreement with your lessor, agent or provider. Your lessor or provider must not be unreasonable in refusing to let you attach a fixture or make a structural change.

Written agreements about adding fixtures, or making structural changes to the premises should state what the agreed fixture or changes will be, whether or not you can remove the fixture when you leave, if you leave the fixture or changes in place when you move out whether you are entitled to any compensation, or if you remove the fixture who is responsible for fixing any damage caused by the removal.

If you have a dispute with the lessor, agent or provider regarding a proposed fixture or structural change, you can apply to the RTA free Dispute Resolution Service for assistance to resolve the dispute.

If the RTA is unable to help solve the problem, you can then apply to the Tribunal for a decision.

If you need to alter the premises due to some disability or impairment, section 84 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld) will apply. Your lessor, agent or provider cannot discriminate against you by refusing to allow reasonable alterations, provided:

  • The alterations are done at your expense.
  • The alterations do not require any change to another premises.
  • You agree to restore the premises to its previous condition before you leave.