Applying for a Tenancy

When you apply to rent a place, you may be asked to fill in an application form and provide identification, proof of income and rental references.

When looking for a place to rent, it’s handy to carry a folder with the details you will need – including your personal and rental references, and spare copies of relevant identification and income documents. When you fill in an application form, make sure that you read it carefully before you sign it. Keep a copy for your records.

When you complete and sign an application form, this may be considered an offer to rent the property. The lessor, agent or provider will then decide whether or not they will accept your offer to rent the place.

In residential tenancies, unless you are given a copy of the proposed tenancy agreement prior to submitting your application, your tenancy application cannot be binding.

You also cannot be asked to pay rent, bond, or a holding deposit for the tenancy, until you are given a copy of the proposed agreement. If you are given a copy of the proposed agreement and the lessor or agent accepts your application, you may be bound to go ahead with the agreement or risk facing some costs.

Acceptance of your application does not need to be in writing, and can be implied through conduct or verbal communication. If your application is accepted, you should then be offered a written agreement to sign.