Checklist End the Tenancy

To end the tenancy, the lessor, agent or provider must:

  • Give you a written Notice to Leave or apply to the Tribunal for a termination order.
  • A Notice to Leave it must give you the correct amount of notice.
  • After you give them your completed Exit Condition Report the the lessor or agent must inspect the premises and complete and return a copy to you within 3 days (not required in rooming accommodation).
  • If possible arrange to attend the final inspection with the lessor or agent. Agents should carry out the fi nal inspection with the tenants.

When moving out you need to:

  • Pay the rent up to and including the handover day on the notice.
  • Leave the premises clean and in the same condition as when you moved in (except for fair wear and tear).
  • Repair any damage that you have caused (you are not responsible for routine repairs and maintenance).
  • Remove your belongings from the premises, on or before the last day on the notice.
  • Obtain and fi ll in an Exit Condition Report and give the lessor or agent a copy. Keep a copy for your records. This does not apply in rooming accommodation but is good to do if you paid a bond.
  • Keep evidence of the condition of the premises when you leave, such as a copy of your Exit Condition Report, photos and receipts for repairs or cleaning you have done.
  • If possible arrange to carry out a joint fi nal inspection of the premises, with the lessor, agent or provider
  • Return the keys on the day you move out, or as soon as possible after you move out.
  • Use a Refund of Rental Bond form to apply to the RTA for your bond refund..